Anglesey Heating & Plumbing stock Esse, log burning stoves and Multi Fuel Stoves in a wide range of sizes and heat outputs. Esse wood burner stoves are highly efficient (up to 80%) and are fitted with Afterburn airwash technology for clear door glass and exceptional burn rate control. ESSE has been making heating stoves since 1854.

ESSE stoves are still hand made in Barnoldswick, the home of their excellent range of woodburning stoves. Florence Nightingale was passionate about ESSE cookers and would use no other brand at her hospital in Balaclava. Famous British explorers, Shackleton and Scott, also relied on ESSE to provide hot food and warmth to their expedition team in some of the world’s coldest and most inhospitable places.

As well as offering traditional designs, ESSE also produce ultra realistic, fuel-effect gas stoves and a range of superbly designed, contemporary Multi Fuel Stoves that can be installed without the need for a flue. For further information and to view our impressive range of ESSE stoves please get in touch.Esse Stoves North Wales

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